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Clay Taylor

Have I got a story for you!

 Clay Taylor has been doing caricatures since the early 90’s (that’s 1990’s). He got his start when he was attending Fort Hayes Performing Arts School in Columbus, Ohio. The local Ameriflora ’92 was in need of caricature artists. They invited students from Fort Hayes to apply as a Caricaturist to work during the summer they’re welcome to try. Our teacher was gracious enough to give us time during class to learn how to do this. Clay found himself being able to capture his classmate’s likeness very well.

So, he interviewed for the position and was hired to work at the festival doing caricatures for guests. He enjoyed being able to entertain guests with this unique style of drawing. At that time he used marker on white paper.

Once he graduated he was wanting to attend a school in California. Plus, it was California! So, the summer of 1992 he loaded up his Toyota Celica and brought a long a friend to travel from Columbus, Ohio to Camarillo, CA. He started working at Six Flags, Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA. He worked with Fasen, Arts and learned a lot about how to really draw caricatures. During that time, he learned not only the art of drawing caricatures and capturing the likeness of the guests but was able to glean skills from the other artists working there. Also, he learned a valuable lesson of entertaining those that were being drawn. Building rapport and making the guests feel special and at ease and be able to take something home to remember their time at the park. He picked up his style of using pencil and paper and using a blending stump to create shading for a more 3D effect. It was here that he also learned to use the airbrush for coloring.

After working with Fasen Arts he was able to interview and get a job working for Malibu Comics in Agoura Hills, CA. During his time there he was able to learn how to color comic books using Photoshop and picked up some great skills to help learn about coloring using the computer software. Not to mention being able to see some really cool comic artwork. During that time the company was purchased by Marvel Comics! It was an exciting time. He even got the chance to meet Stan Lee!

Later, after moving on from Malibu Comics, he started working on his own as a Caricaturist. Utilizing his personable skills and talent for capturing the likeness and personality of the guests he was able to bring that theme park entertainment directly to the party-goers and event guests. Many clients have benefited from his talent of entertainment that brings so much joy and excitement to any event. Not solely the caricatures but the connection he’s able to make with each guest to make them feel like they’re the only one he’s drawing.

When you hire Clay you’re not just hiring a caricature artist, you’re hiring and experience that brings energy and life into your party or event.

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