Why should I book Clay to do caricatues at my event?

Great question! He started doing caricatures over 20 years ago and he’s a talented caricaturist. He’s done many events with much success. He’s reliable and trustworthy. He knows how to build trust and rapport with any age, human or animal. Basically, he’s good enough, he’s smart enough and doggone it people like him.

For how many hours should I book a Caricaturist?

It varies. Most events range from 3-4 hours to all day (party on, Wayne!). It also depends on how many people are attending your event. Email theartofclay@gmail.com or click here to get more information.

For how long has the Caricaturist been drawing caricatures?

For over 20 years. Man, is he tired.

What type of medium does the Caricaturist use?

For event caricatures, he uses a clutch drawing pencil with 6b lead on 67 pound white vellum paper and a blending stump for shading. Just like they use at theme parks (btw, he used to draw caricatures at a theme park).

How do I book the Caricaturist for my event?

Email theartofclay@gmail.com with date, starting time and duration of your event and he’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Unless there’s a zombie apocalypse, in that case it might take a little longer.

What do I need to provide for the Caricaturist at my event?

Four chairs. Access to an electrical outlet. Shade if it’s outside (he burns easily).

How much does it cost to book the Caricaturist for an event?

Starting price is $150 per hour. Email clay@theartofclay.com or click here to schedule an event.